Atlanta, GA, USA


Hello, I am Zacharias Tapp II and I was born May 19, 2002 in Las Vegas Nevada. As a young person, I already had began an exciting career in the film industry. I had starred in a Walmart commercial alongside my family at the tender age of about three years old. In less than another year or two I would guest star in an episode of the hit Nickelodeon television show “Yo Gabba Gabba.” Looking back on those tv shows and commercials I could see the joy that young Zach was having while working on a set, and at the age of about 10 I decided to get back in the industry.

By the first 6 months of having a change of mind, I had already been a movie titled “Sins Of Our Youth”, a Macy’s back to school commercial, and an ABC sitcom titled “Fresh Off the Boat”. My love for set had never passed, and until now, I’ve been blessed to be in 2 feature films, 5 TV shows, 2 commercials, and over 10 print and modeling jobs with companies like Nike and the High Roller Linq.

As of 2016, I accepted the opportunity to explore another part of film sets. I was able to be a production Assistant, Directors assistant, and voice of soundtrack on the feature film “Misguided Behavior.” This allowed me to understand all of the many moving departments of a set. I’ve had lots of experience on major sets of commercials, tv shows, and movies. My job as an actor is only the first step to opportunities of producing, directing, and even screenwriting.

Therefore, I am Zacharias Tapp II, an actor, singer, model, production assistant, and whatever I put my mind to.