Atlanta, GA, USA


I’m Wyatt Peters. I’m a senior at legacy high school and I’ve have been doing theatre for 3 years now. My family has really supported me through all the shows I’ve been apart of. I’m very thankful that I had this opportunity to participate in the 11eleven11 Project with Studio 11 Films and to learn how the production of a movie happens.

Through my experience I got to help in multiple departments,  I was shadowing the script supervisor and learning how that job helps keep many other departments organized, props, costumes, the director and producer would all communicate with the script supervisor to see what was needed in a specific scene.

The second department I aided in was the audio department where I learned how use the equipment that records the audio of scenes we were shooting. The last department I got to help in was the camera department. I learned how to slate scenes and during the beginning portion I got to practice how to shoot with the camera.

I’m very thankful to all the mentors I had on set.  Everyone is amazing and everyone taught me something even if it was a small fact, it just made my experience that much better and thank you to my teacher Ms Kasina for informing me know about this opportunity with Studio 11 Films. I hope the next people that participate in the 11Eleven11 Project will love it as much as I did.