Atlanta, GA, USA


Studio 11 Testimonial Questions

  1. What inspired you to be part of the 11Eleven11 Project? The strong fire and desire to be able to learn more about what career fields I may be interested in, in the very near future!
  2. What did you like most about the project? If I had to narrow it down to three things, it would have to be working with Ms. Adrene with the Wardrobe Department. I got to style different people and that’s one of my comfort zones so I had a lot of fun! And the other one would be learning about the drones with Freeman. He taught us about setting up a drone, the different drones there are, and the importance of having the knowledge of how to fly a drone. Third, is working with Mr. Payne in learning the role of a director.
  3. Name some things you learned that you didn’t know before the project? I definitely learned just how much goes into making a movie, at first I thought it was a simple as having actors recite their parts then sticking them in front of the camera. I also didn’t know how much time it takes just to shoot a scene.
  4. What did you learn or discover about yourself over the past 6 weeks? One thing I learned about myself is that styling is actually fun and that men can actually do it too, not just the women!
  5. Has this program inspired you in making a career choice? If so what would that be? Being in this program has inspired me to add a few career choices to my list, such as Wardrobe/Stylist Coordinator, Director, & Drone Operator just to name a few.
  6. Outside of being a Production Assistant what job or jobs did you do as part of the feature film “Misguided Behavior”? I was an extra for the lunchroom scene where lance pours milk on Eric’s head. I was also the body double for Christopher during the “active shooter” scenes, played by Princeton of Mindless Behavior!
  7. What is your most memorable moment over the past 6 weeks? My most memorable moment would have to be all of the people I met, all of the friends I made throughout this program, whether they be near or far. I can finally cross two things off my bucket list, and that was to have an amazing conversation with and take a picture with the lovely Ms. Towanda Braxton!
  8. Would you recommend this program to someone else? I would definitely recommend this program to someone else, in fact I intend on coming back to work with the program, and I am bringing people back with me next year!