Atlanta, GA, USA


Keiana McGee was born in Tallulah Louisiana, At the young age of ten years old she taught herself to become an amazing artist as well as the captain of a dance team called “CK” Critical Kondition where she participated in multiple MLK parades & public events. She later had her first child December 14, 2011 at sixteen years old. She then became one of two people in her family to get into poetry.

Keiana has always been passionate about being an Actress she just never thought there was any talent within herself, Keiana as been accepted into a program & got a chance to experience first hand what it’s like to work with celebrities & become a PA, Stylist, & go on Auditions. Working on several productions with North City & Studio 11 Films was truly a blessing for her.

She is fully dedicated & determined to live her dream as an Actress to leave a legacy for her son, & give back to the community.