Atlanta, GA, USA


I have very much enjoyed my experience being a crew member in a production called “Misguided Behavior”. It was a low budget project designed to help kids who are interested in film production to gain experience to be able to use that experience in future jobs.

During this experience I learned many skills and etiquette. I learned the lingo of a film set, for example: copy that, standby, switch to 2, and 10-100. I learned the etiquette of the set and the hierarchy of authority. My department, which was audio, mostly reported to the First AD. I also dealt a lot with the Key Grip, with moving equipment and setting up the shots beforehand.

I know of the busy schedule that comes with film and how to prepare my personal life to work around that schedule. It is exhausting, yet, exhilarating. I know it’s not for everyone but it’s for me.